We offer services and products in various categories.

We produce unique services with solid foundations for high stakeholder satisfaction through our Architects of Change. This is a diverse and talented group of people who have successfully managed major change over the course of their careers and want to share their knowledge with you. With their guidance, we offer mentoring services to companies and institutions who are on the path towards Corporate Permanence and Agility.

CCA Products

CCA prepares your corporate change roadmap with experienced Architects of Change after a preliminary assessment to be made in institutions and companies with the Corporate Permanence and Agility Model developed. By working together with you, it enables you to implement it in strategic direction.

Current Situation Analysis

With the Corporate Permanence and Agility Model developed by CCA, CCA makes evaluations with competent stakeholders in institutions and companies and instantly determines the situation. Findings are reported to the institution in detail.

Architects of Change and Project Guidance

Following Current Situation Analysis, CCA prepares your corporate transition roadmap with experienced Architects of Change and Project Guides. CCA allows you to implement the roadmap by working together with you and conducting strategic guidance. Our Architects of Change and Project Guides mentor change-transformation projects at the level and detail required by institutions and companies.

Academic Studies for Companies

CCA draws its strength from its stakeholders and their experiences. It conducts academic studies in order to share this knowledge and experience with the business world. Our stakeholders convey their experiences that will be beneficial to the business world by providing trainings, writing articles and making speeches. In addition, CCA develops collaborations as a bridge between universities and the business world and carries out permanent and periodic projects.

Creating Senior Management Teams

CCA supports companies in creating management teams at the level of directors and above using its strong network. It also recommends a Board Member when necessary.

Supporting Products


Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Teamwork, Design Thinking, Collective Mind, Effective Meeting, Situational Leadership, Leadership Style Development


6 Sigma, TPM, FMEA, Model Factory


Family Constitution Building Consultancy, Portfolio / Asset Management Guidance, Life Coaching

Optimum Resource Utilization is the main business principle for both the national economy and our institutions and companies, and provides guidance to the sectors we serve. Our unique advantage is the sectoral knowledge pool and ecosystem dominance that our Architects of Change bring, consisting as they do of business people who have held senior positions in each relevant sector. CCA Country Development Plans work by taking into account macroeconomic trends and the relevant incentive ecosystem.