We offer services and products in various categories.

We produce unique services with solid foundations for high stakeholder satisfaction through our Architects of Change. This is a diverse and talented group of people who have successfully managed major change over the course of their careers and want to share their knowledge with you. With their guidance, we offer mentoring services to companies and institutions who are on the path towards Corporate Permanence and Agility.

CCA Foundation Product and Service Package

Corporate Permanence and Agility Model

CCA prepares your corporate change roadmap with experienced Architects of Change after a preliminary assessment to be made in institutions and companies with the Corporate Permanence and Agility Model developed. By working together with you, it enables you to implement it in strategic direction.

Our Architects of Change are mentoring the institutions and companies they serve with regular monthly meetings and discussions on the following subjects:

  • Strategic Management Guidance
  • Problem Solving
  • Continuous Improvement

CCA Base Products

- Structuring Strategic Development Planning processes to enable organizations to decide where and how to go
- To support strategic planning and goal setting processes
- Establishing business performance culture that communicates with indicators through corporate performance management consultancy
- Ensuring that the entire organization is aligned with the Institution's objective

Aligning the company's operational plans, all daily actions and employees to the main objectives of the organization, monitoring and supporting performance consistently, and implementing remedial actions with appropriate and necessary initiatives; in order to increase profitability, customer satisfaction, protection of competitiveness and to ensure consistently high performance;

- Identification of the right indicators within the framework of the strategic plan
- Determining the management process and infrastructure with indicators
- Analyzing data with advanced analysis methods
- Ensuring that management becomes the most basic way of doing business with indicators

In order to align employees with company vision and strategies and make their contribution measurable:

- Building an individual performance management system
- Ensuring the goal setting and spread of the realization
- Application of target coaching and evaluation interview coaching (subordinate - top)
- Evaluating individual performance and making it rationed
- Ensuring the integration of individual performance results into all processes of the Institution

For the effective management of projects carried out, especially in the areas of business development and process improvement:

- Establishing project management systematic
- Project selection and prioritization consultancy
- Project management coaching

To ensure effective and efficient operation and continuous improvement of corporate processes:

- Establishing Agile Process Management systematics
- Establishing the process map of the institution
- Ensuring that processes are defined, implemented, supervised/monitored and continuously improved
- Identification of process interactions
- Ensuring that risk management, corrective actions management, process indicators management, competency management, job descriptions and training management applications are integrated into process management

In order to improve the business day by day in line with the rapidly changing and dynamic customer needs;

- Improving systematic and tools for process improvement and development
- Identification and prioritization of process improvement opportunities
- Ensuring the management of process improvement activities
- Integration of process reviews with management reviews
- Demonstration of process digitalization plans and applications

- Giving problem solving techniques training to the appropriate persons to be selected by our competent consultants in the company - Providing mentorship with Architects of Change in the process of forming Problem Solving Teams and solving important problems

Mentoring with Architects of Change on the creation and implementation of the Continuous Improvement processes in which all employees within the organization are participated by our competent consultants, together with the management of the Company.

CCA Complementing Products

It is important to establish the human resources infrastructure that will enable institutions to reach their vision and strategies. Strategic Human Resources Management works for this purpose and ensures that the systems are installed and operated under the following sub-headings:

- Featured Placement
- Performance Evaluation
- Competence Evaluation
- Career Management
- Staging and Pricing
- Training and Development

- Establishing a marketing strategy that will enable the company to reach its existing and potential customers with the best products and services
- Clarification and making of business objectives, internal and external market definitions, competition analysis, distribution strategies, product, pricing, process and promotion titles with 360 degree approach
- Product Development and Product Management: To provide guidance to the employees of your company with our competent consultants in the whole process from product design to mass production in line with the Strategic Business Plan

To be guided to continuous improvement of production in the most efficient way, to produce and realize projects within the framework of layout, method, material flow, automation and digitalization.

To guide the development of the most effective Quality Assurance System in the organization, including all processes from the design stage of the product or service to the stage used by the customer.

- To provide end-to-end supply chain configuration
- Alignment and integration of all procurement stakeholders to ensure that "Many companies can act as a single company”
- Ensuring full integration of all procurement processes
- Managing automation in procurement processes
- Structuring and improving purchasing processes
- Establishing a system and managing savings through the management of purchasing cost improvements
- Ensuring the establishment of a joint purchasing system for group companies
- Ensuring the development of purchasing infrastructure and technology
- Providing expenditure and risk analysis
- Guidance for finding and commissioning alternative suppliers
- Ensuring that supplier audits, development and improvement activities are managed

- Analysis of potential market and channel
- Ensuring channel and segment based configuration
- Developing channel-based marketing methods
- Providing pricing based on distribution channels
- Ensuring channel based financial segmentation
- Ensuring conflict management for distribution channels

- Ensuring establishment of export strategy
- Identification of international market and customer segmentation, target markets and channels in line with the Company's development
- To provide export marketing strategy, product strategy and pricing
- Establishing export market entry strategies
- To measure the level of export compliance of corporate functions and to structure the most competent/efficient export organization

- To ensure the real estate portfolio optimization
- Determining the real estate portfolio's valuation potential in the most efficient way and creating a short-medium-long-term strategy
- Process analysis of the relationship between distribution channels and real estate, creation of procedures, ensuring the most accurate handling of real estate in financial segmentation
- To provide the most efficient analysis for the development of real estate projects
- To educate expert people in real estate and ensure their positioning within the organization

Effective cost management; strategies such as budget preparation, analysis of variance, reporting and control. The establishment of this system is among the qualified services of CCA.

Effective cash flow management refers to the planning, estimation, execution and reporting of all kinds of collections and payments, credit usage and financial investments of companies.

Businesses can increase their profitability and make it permanent as long as they manage their cash flows well. Effective cash flow management requires the prediction of future cash needs (cash flows) with certain assumptions. CCA provides consultancy services in the implementation of all these processes.

Supporting Products


Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Teamwork, Design Thinking, Collective Mind, Effective Meeting, Situational Leadership, Leadership Style Development


6 Sigma, TPM, FMEA, Model Factory


Family Constitution Building Consultancy, Portfolio / Asset Management Guidance, Life Coaching