Fast and Simple.
That is the way CCA achieves results.

The Corporate Change Academy is a social entrepreneurship platform that brings together those with professional and entrepreneurial roles with business people who have helped make a difference to their country. It provides mentoring services to companies and institutions who want to move their business forward with reliable methods and optimum costs.

The Architects of Change within the Corporate Change Academy ensure that companies and institutions achieve their goals by making systematic use of existing knowledge and experience. At the same time, the Academy educates Architects of Change within client companies and institutions who will maintain the Fast and Simple management approach to secure Corporate Permanence and Agility.

Our Values

  • Country service.
  • Honesty and justice.
  • Compliance with ethical values.
  • Respect for nature, human, thought and common sense.

Our Vision

To become an academy as an effective catalyst for change aiming a powerful and happy Turkey. To carry the acquired knowledge to the adjacent geography to contribute to the national economy.

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable mentoring services to companies aiming for improvement in corporate permanence and agility issues.



Gives the most agile and fast way of organization and business in today's conditions.


The Corporate Permanence and Agility Model provides the most permanent functionality.


Our Architects of Change will train your own Architects of Change together with you.


Adapts applicable processes to your institutions and companies with Fast and Simple business methods.


Focuses on your Fast and Simple development with optimal use of your existing resources.


CCA Board of Directors

  • Buket EminoğluChairwoman of the Board / Founding Partner
  • Bahadır KayanBoard Member / Founding Partner
  • Sertaç GüvenBoard Member / Founding Partner
  • Taner KermanBoard Member / Founding Partner
  • Tuğrul FadıllıoğluVice Chairman of the Board / Founding Partner

CCA Honorary Board Members

  • Adnan DalgakıranVice President of İstanbul Chamber Of Industry / Chairman of the Board - Dalgakıran Compressor
  • Ayhan ZeytinoğluPresident of Kocaeli Chamber Of Industry / President of Economic Development Foundation
  • Kürşad TüzmenState Minister of the 58-60th Term / Chairman of the Board - Tüzmen Consulting
  • Mehmet Ali BerkmanAdvisor to Executive Board at Akkök Holding
  • Mehmet GünFounding President of Better Judiciary Association / Chairman of the Board - Gün Partners
  • Orhan TuranPresident of Turkish Enterprice and Business Confederation /Chairman of the Board - ODE Insulation
  • Ömer BurhanoğluPresident of Automotive Supplier Industry Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) / Board Member and CEO at Farplast
  • Tınaz TitizFounding President of White Spot Development Foundation / 1985-89 Minister of Culture and Tourism
  • Yalçın İpbükenPresident of Lean Institute Turkey

CCA Advisory Board

  • Ali ÜstündağFounder & General Manager at Iltek Communication Services / TEDxReset Curator
  • Arif Nuri BulutMember of the Board of Presidents - İzoder / Vice President of Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers
  • Dr. Can Fuat GürleselFounding Partner of Economy and Strategy Cosulting
  • Charlotte GabayFounder of In Lak'esh
  • Çağlar GöğüşChief Executive Officer of Doğan Holding
  • Prof. Dr. Elif ÇepniChair of Membership Communications Committee at World Academy of Art and Science / Dean - Faculty of Business Administration, Karabük University
  • Fatih KeresteciManaging Partner of DNG Consulting Training and Research Company
  • Gültekin GüldürFounder of Design Thinking Institute
  • Hakan GüldağExecutive Committee Member of European Federation of Economic Press / Executive Editor of Dünya Gazetesi
  • Hasan EgeliFounder of Triton Inc. / Board Member of İncitaş
  • Lale ErginExecutive Committee Member of Borusan
  • Levent AlatlıChairman of Facility Management Association / Ambassador of European Facility Management Network
  • Prof. Dr. Levent KurnazDirector at Bogazici University Center for Climate Change and Policy Studies / Professor
  • Levent SarıgözoğluVice Chairman of the Board - Sarıgözoğlu Inc. / Board member of Education Foundation
  • Mehmet Ali NeyziAdvisory Board Member / Architect of Change
  • Mustafa DoğrusoyFounder of MD Managemet and Strategy Consulting
  • Mustafa SarıgözoğluChairman of the Board - Sarıgözoğlu Inc. / Founding Member of TAIDER
  • Necip ÖzçerBoard member of LC Waikiki
  • Osman ÖzAdvisory Board Member
  • Assoc. Dr. Pervin OlgunChairwoman of the Board - BAREM
  • Selim GüvenAnadolu Foundation Genaral Manager
  • Dr. Senay KızılkayaNovartis Group People and Organization Director
  • Sertaç Ersayınre/form/ist Design & Innovation Strategies Services Founder-Designer
  • Seyfi MoroğluFounding Partner of Moroğlu Arseven Law Office / Founding Board Member of Arbitration Center of Istanbul Bar Association
  • Steven YoungBosch Turkey and Middle East
  • Yard. Doç. Dr. Tanıl BaşkanFounding Partner of Tanıl Başkan Law Office / Academician
  • Tarık SarıoğluConcordatum Consultant and Official Referee / Member of Advisory Board - Yeditepe University Faculty of Economics
  • Dr. Tarkan TekcanVestel Customer Services General Manager
  • Tuğrul BaranSectoral Associations Federation General Manager
  • Tunç AtılChairman of the Board - HKTM Inc. / President of Digital Conversion Commission in Industry

Ethical Policy

The CCA Code of Ethics described below is the main reference for all decision-making and implementation processes.

  • We do all our activities based on fairness and trust by doing the right thing. We work ethically or legally in all circumstances.
  • We establish CCA processes and procedures in accordance with competition, protection of personal data and other relevant laws, and act in accordance with these processes and procedures.
  • We ensure that all management and performance reports are accurate and complete.
  • We work in accordance with CCA vision, mission, procedures and commitments.

Opportunities granted to individuals within CCA activities are in no way used for personal interests other than the stakeholder benefits identified within the CCA processes. All boards and platforms take care to ensure that the relationships established through the CCA channel remain within the CCA processes.

Fiscal issues within the framework of the laws are fully complied with, bribes are not given, no gifts are accepted to the extent that they can be evaluated. The gifts that can be received as CCA stakeholders may be of non-material value with a moral value and should have the logo / brand of the issuing company. In case of rejection of the gift, the gift is kindly accepted on behalf of CCA in case the other party is likely to offend according to customs and traditions. The relevant material is submitted to the Board of Directors with a report for the decision to be made in the subsequent process.

Everyone involved in the CCA process knows that it represents everyone at CCA and takes care of their behavior, clothing, and timely attendance at designated meetings.

It is supervised that the Architect of Change and the consultants to be assigned to the organization in need do not work in the competitor of the Organization and that he or his first degree relatives do not have customer / supplier relations.

In CCA activities, care is taken not to speak of humiliating and discriminatory views on political views, religion, language, race, or gender. Issues that are contrary to general morality, customs and traditions are never discussed.

Assignments and suggestions are made to the organizations in the most appropriate way to respond to the need without any privilege to anyone for any reason in the appointment of the Architect of Change and the advice of the consultant.

Personal and non-public information of the Organizations obtained during CCA activities is carefully maintained. It is not shared with third parties under any circumstances except as permitted by law. Every effort is made to comply with the terms of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the requirements and practices of the Organization for EU-cooperating Organizations.

Any ethical hearings, notices and observations related to each field in which the name of CCA is mentioned and the scope of its activities are necessarily notified to the CCA Board of Directors. In case of a violation of the code of ethics, the decision of the Board of Directors does not take into account the status of the person who violates the code of ethics, the services he or she has done in the past, and the importance of the relationship with the CCA.